All-Terrain Crane Rental in Michigan

Our selection of all-terrain cranes can get any project done quickly and safely. In our collection, you’ll find top-of-the-line cranes from leading brands, including Grove, Liebherr, and much more. Ranging from 175 to 275 tons, our cranes come with impressive features to meet your specific needs.

At B&M Crane Rental, we are committed to providing high-quality equipment and excellent service. As a leading all-terrain crane rental in Michigan, we offer flexible services (short-term and long-term rentals) to give clients the comfort of knowing they will have access to our cranes 24/7 and as long as necessary.

What Are All-Terrain Cranes?

All-terrain cranes are handy machines used in many industries, including transport, forestry, construction, manufacturing, and more. They simplify the lifting and transferring process of bulky items and materials from one place to another.

Generally speaking, the cranes are heavy machines made of metal and steel, designed to transport bulky objects with the help of ropes, cables, and pulleys. As the name implies, all-terrain cranes are used on every surface, regardless of the weather. Depending on your project, all-terrain cranes can move on highways, sand surfaces, gravel surfaces, and any types of roads without a problem.

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The Perks of Using All Terrain Cranes

All-terrain cranes are versatile machines due to their ability to operate on any surface. They have a broad range of uses, from lifting concrete sections to hoisting massive wind generators. As one of the most massive cranes available, all-terrain machines come with numerous benefits.

High Mobility

One benefit of all-terrain cranes is their impressive flexibility. These machines can travel on- and off-road and complete all kinds of construction projects. All-terrain cranes are perfect for projects with no road access.

Impressive Lifting Capacity

All-terrain cranes are versatile machines with superior lift capacities. Depending on the brand, all-terrain cranes can reach a variety of heights, from 50 to 150 meters high. Their lifting capacity allows you to get any job done, whether you need to lift a couch or a concrete slab.

Highly Adjustable

Another benefit of all-terrain cranes is that they can be adjusted to suit your particular need. Due to the hydraulic advance, all-terrain cranes can be extended as needed. You can use all-terrain cranes for many different jobs – from reaching to lifting and hauling.

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Whether you’re looking for a crane to hoist and transport concrete materials from one construction area to another or lift a large couch into a six-floor apartment, all-terrain cranes are the perfect option.

We at B&M Crane Rental provide the best crane rental service around. We take pride in our contractors, operators, machines, and equipment being able to handle any rigging, lifting, or moving job. Whatever you need, know that our professional crane operators are on call 24/7 for all your emergency crane rental needs.

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