Crane Rental in Ann Arbor, Michigan

When it comes to renting a crane in Ann Arbor, MI, it goes beyond only getting the first crane you see. Ideally, you want to choose a company that will provide you with the right crane. This crane will enable you to safely and efficiently execute the task at hand, regardless of the size and complexity of the lift.

A Guide to Crane Rentals

Looking for the right crane to rent and ensuring the job is done correctly can be challenging, especially for those who lack adequate experience. This guide will cover the key points you need to know about crane rental in Ann Arbor, MI.

Do Your Research

Try to take a closer look at the company you intend to hire, looking into its certification, permits, training, safety protocols, pricing, and insurance.

Have a Lift Plan

A lift plan enables you to note the entire lift process down on paper, detailing all the necessary steps. It should cover how to rig the specific load, potential hazards, safety precautions, and more. Fortunately, with B&M Crane Rental, you will have access to our experience, expertise, and guidance for this process.

Arrange the Rental Early On

Crane rentals often take a lot of time because there are a lot of details to sort through. Because of this, you should start the rental process as early as you possibly can. The earlier you arrange your crane rental, the more optimized the whole process will be.

Take as Much Time as You Need

Though some of the jobs you do will be lengthy and daunting, it is essential to approach a lifting job with caution and patience. Haste can easily lead to injuries and wasted resources.

Keep the Rental Company Informed

To ensure that the whole process is run smoothly, provide your rental company with accurate information, keeping them updated on any changes you make as soon as possible, regardless of how small or big they are. This information will prove helpful when managing your lift plan.

Types of Cranes You Can Rent

Regardless of the industry, getting the right equipment allows you to do the job correctly. Currently, there are several types of cranes from which you can choose. Having a better idea of each crane’s capabilities goes a long way in helping you pick the appropriate crane for the job.

Though the right equipment will ultimately depend on factors such as weather conditions, terrain, and object weight, below are some of the types of cranes you can rent.

Tower Crane

These types of cranes are customarily fixed on a concrete slab that provides them with a stable base. Building a tower crane often takes weeks because of the several moving parts. Furthermore, they have to be well-balanced because of their height and added tipping risk, especially when lifting heavy loads. Tower cranes can rise and extend their boom hundreds of feet and are perfect for lifting heavy materials or erecting tall buildings.

Truck-Mounted Crane

Truck-mounted cranes are one of the most commonly used cranes because they allow you to skip the expenses and coordination often involved when transporting other types of cranes. You can transport these cranes on public roads without any additional approvals or licenses. Additionally, depending on the make and model, these cranes can carry loads weighing up to 50 tons.

Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are mounted on top of an undercarriage that has large tracks that provide stability and mobility. These tracks can also distribute the crane’s weight to prevent it from sinking into the ground when operating it on soft terrain. They are extremely heavy and are challenging to transport, often needing you to disassemble them before loading them onto a railway car or truck for transportation.

Telescopic Crane

Telescopic cranes are perfect for projects that need you to haul objects that have varying height requirements. Their boom has several tubes fitted inside each other. By using a hydraulic cylinder, these tubes can slide into each other, lengthening or compacting the boom like a telescope.

This type of crane is often used in short-term construction projects and shipping ports. Because of their compactness and their ability to be mounted on trucks, they are also suitable for mobile applications. Their lifting capacity ranges between 25 and 300 tons.

Overhead Crane

Also known as bridge cranes, overhead cranes implement a hook-and-line mechanism connected to a horizontal beam that runs between two rails. They are great for lifting, loading, or moving heavy items and are usually used in factories and manufacturing buildings such as automobile plants, paper mills, and steel factories. Overhead cranes have several benefits, including their ability to handle various loads, cover a large work area, and are much more economical than using multiple forklifts.

Work With a Trusted Crane Rental Company

By now, you have a slightly better grasp of how diverse and somewhat complex the world of cranes can be. If you are new to the field, all this information can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we are here to make the process as straightforward as possible.

At B&M Crane Rental, we provide both corporations and small businesses in Ann Arbor, MI, with the expertise they need to ensure they get the right crane for the job. Regardless of the project’s complexity, or the field of interest, our team and equipment can handle anything you throw our way.

These are some of the reasons why we have become one of the most trusted crane rental companies in Ann Arbor, MI.

Excellent Customer Support

Our job doesn’t end after we have delivered the equipment you need. We ensure that we continue providing you with high-quality customer support throughout your rental. From explaining and demonstrating all the cranes’ features to guiding you through the different attachments each crane comes with, our team is always at your service.

Once you have decided on the most suitable equipment, we will assist you with the cartage, setup, and retrieval, offering on-site assistance whenever you need it.

Stellar Reputation

Our experience in the crane rental industry spans several years. We have earned and maintained the trust of businesses and companies all across Michigan, with all of them relying on our crane rental services. We have worked on various projects, delivering customized services as needed.

Our consistency in providing all our clients with professional services has seen us earn the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) crane operator competency certification and recognition from Michigan Wireless Association and The Construction Association of Michigan.


The flexible options we provide our clients goes a long way in finding the right equipment for the job. Some of the crane rental options available include boom truck cranes, tower cranes of different sizes, all-terrain cranes, and more.

You also have the option of renting as many cranes as you see fit for as long as you need, adjusting the terms of the arrangement to suit all your project requirements as they evolve.

Contact B&M Crane Rental today to find out more information about the flexible crane rental services we offer in Ann Arbor, MI.

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