Boom Truck Crane vs All-Terrain Crane

Are you having trouble choosing between a boom truck crane vs all-terrain crane in Michigan?

That’s understandable, since both cranes have certain overlapping features. But there are also some distinctive features that make each crane ideally-suited to certain projects.

To help you avoid picking equipment that’s a poor fit for your worksite, here’s everything you need to know about the key differences for a boom truck crane vs all-terrain crane.

Boom Truck Crane vs All-Terrain Crane

All-Terrain Cranes

As the name implies, all-terrain cranes are suitable for working on various terrains and in multiple weather conditions. That’s because of their specially-designed tires, wide wheelbases, advanced all-wheel-drive systems, and multiple engines.

They are just as maneuverable as a rough-terrain crane and as mobile as a truck-mounted crane, which makes it the ideal multi-use crane for all sorts of worksites. Whether your next project is at a site with no road access, or the site itself is especially muddy, sandy, or rocky, this is the crane for you.

Benefits of an All-Terrain Crane

  • Highly maneuverable with multiple steering options for maximum control on various surfaces
  • Suitable for different rough job sites and projects
  • Smaller all-terrain cranes are drivable on most public roads
  • It has a wide wheelbase for more stability
  • Available in different sizes with a lifting capacity between 65 to 600 tons

In need of an all-terrain crane in Michigan? Contact us today for the perfect heavy machinery for your project.

Boom Truck Cranes

Boom truck cranes look like regular trucks. But on the truck bed, there’s a fully-equipped winch with an articulated arm for hoisting various load types and weights. For example, you can use a boom truck to lift a worker in a loading basket to work at great heights. 

Alternatively, you could use it to lift heavy materials on a worksite or transport loads between sites. However, safety is key; you should always be sure to securely strap the crane to the truck bed before using it to move heavier loads.

Because a boom truck is smaller than an all-terrain crane, it’s a good fit for smaller sites. That said, its lifting capacity is lower, and it’s not suitable for plying rough terrain.

Benefits of Boom Truck Cranes

  • It’s more affordable than an all-terrain crane
  • Its smaller size makes it easier to maneuver and a good fit for smaller sites
  • Its articulated arm equips it to lift loads from multiple positions 
  • City regulations regarding parking boom trucks are less stringent 
  • No need for concrete pads or supports for a boom truck  

Get Your All-Terrain and Boom Truck Crane in Michigan from B&M Crane Rental

At B&M Crane Rental, we provide crane rental services for various projects throughout Michigan. Our all-terrain and boom truck cranes are available in several sizes for different worksite specifications.

To make sure you get the best crane for your project, our crane experts can visit your job site for an assessment and recommend the ideal crane for the job.

To rent or learn more about our various types and sizes of all-terrain and boom truck cranes in Michigan, give us a call today.


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