Construction Crane Rental in Michigan

When you’re looking for construction crane rental in Michigan, find an experienced company with a track record of providing top-notch service to builders and contractors. Below are a few questions to help you identify the right construction crane rental firm, along with the benefits of leasing instead of buying a crane.

Does the company have the crane types and attachments you need?

The right crane equipment will depend on factors like your load capacity requirements, type of task, how high you need to elevate workers or haul materials, and the conditions on your site. A professional construction crane rental company in Michigan may even visit your project location. They may want to ensure they are providing you with the correct crane type and assess potential risks operators need to watch out for at the site.

If you need several cranes, find a company with all the types you need in their fleet to minimize the time you spend on qualifying companies or coordinating project requirements. Construction crane rental firms with a sizable fleet can also quickly send a replacement if equipment breaks down.

Does the company have experienced and certified crane operators?

Crane operators have licenses for specific equipment. Ensure that the company’s personnel are qualified to operate the type of crane you’re going to use.

Operators must know the capacity limit of their equipment to keep the crane from tipping and possibly hurting workers or damaging building materials. They must also know how to transfer various load types in different weather conditions safely.

Does the crane rental company have a good track record?

Aside from having licensed personnel, make sure the construction crane rental company in Michigan has completed projects of the same nature or size as yours. Check out client testimonials online or ask their former customers for feedback.

Take the time to inspect their cranes as well. You want to make sure that the equipment is well-maintained and has gone through regular inspections.

Maximize the benefits of construction crane rental in Michigan

Renting a crane instead of buying one offers multiple advantages for construction companies.

For one, it helps reduce costs. If you need multiple cranes, you’ll save a lot by renting instead of buying each machine you need. This point is especially true if you only need the cranes periodically. You also won’t have to worry about regular insurance payments, maintenance, storage, and complying with load testing requirements.

Renting equipment from a reputable construction crane rental company in Michigan also gives you access to certified personnel who can execute tasks safely and efficiently. As such, you’ll no longer have to hire and train operators for every crane model or building project.

Crane rental companies offer you flexibility, as well. They can take care of transporting the cranes to your construction sites anywhere in Michigan. They may even be able to supply you with additional equipment and attachments during emergencies.

Operating a crane requires specialized knowledge and equipment, and you need a rental company whose staff and fleet meet the highest industry standards. When you choose B&M Crane Rental, you’ll have access to top-quality equipment and a team of crane experts who will execute your project with the highest level of care. Call today.

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