Crane Rental for HVAC in Michigan

HVAC systems are weighty machines, so B&M Crane Rental makes handling, lifting, and transporting them easy for you. With our broad selection of rental cranes, we can assist your HVAC company in lifting, transporting, installing, and removing residential or commercial HVAC systems.

Call us now and find out why we’re one of the most professional and reputable crane rental for HVAC contractors in Michigan. Or, keep reading to find out more about the services we offer.

Why Rent an HVAC Crane?

Cranes are essential equipment for many HVAC contractors. They can provide needed assistance in various projects, including water heaters, piping, plumbing, water softeners, refrigeration, dust collection systems, and so on.

All of these projects involve transporting and lifting heavy objects from one place to another. Our high-quality and reliable cranes can help you make the hoisting and moving easier. The cranes can lift your HVAC systems from the ground up to the rooftop, without a problem.

B&M Crane Rental has experience with working on HVAC projects, so we know what kind of crane you need to do your job faster and better. In our fleet, you’ll find a variety of cranes, from all-terrain to boom truck cranes. They range in height and weight capacity, offering numerous possibilities for your upcoming project.

Call us today at (248) 587-8053 to talk to one of our operators. Together, we’ll determine which crane is best for your job.

Ready for Emergencies 24/7

Whether you need to rent a crane on Sunday or during a national holiday, the team at B&M Crane Rental is here to answer your needs. You can count on our crane rental for HVAC contractors in Michigan 24/7. Our emergency team is always ready to assist in any urgent project.

Our fleet of cranes is fully insured for the safety of your employers and your installation work. The cranes range in capacity from 35 to 275 tons. We can offer you:

Boom Truck – National NBT45

(capacity 45 tons)

Telehandler – CAT TH414C

(capacity 8,000 pounds)

Boom Truck – Manitex 35124C

(capacity 35 tons)
We are backed with years of experience providing rental crane services for HVAC contractors on both small and large projects. When you choose B&M Crane Rental, you know that you’ll work with professionals who can meet your requirements. We’re also one of the few companies in Michigan that have certified and insured operators as well as top-of-the-line cranes.

Choose Us for All Your HVAC Crane Rental Needs

We know that your time is valuable, so rest assured that you’ll get the equipment on time, as scheduled. Our operators do their best to make sure our cranes satisfy all of your HVAC needs.


Contact us today at (248) 587-8053 to learn more about how our crane rental for HVAC contractors in Michigan can help your business. We provide free estimates for all rental crane services.

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