Heavy Equipment Crane Rentals in Michigan

Heavy equipment crane rentals in Michigan are often tapped for commercial and industrial construction and jobs with unusually large lifting requirements. Their sturdy cranes can move a range of immense loads like cargo, tanks, machinery, steel components, and wind turbines.

Why Choose Mobile Heavy Equipment Crane Rentals in Michigan

Mobile cranes designed for heavy-duty lifting pack impressive load capacities while remaining versatile. They are faster to set up and transporting them is not an issue, since they can be driven down highways. Others, like our all-terrain cranes, can even be used in unpaved, rugged environments.

What to Look for in Heavy Equipment Crane Rental Companies

When talking with crane rental firms, be ready to provide essential project details such as:

Your project location
The load dimensions and weight
The task you need to accomplish
How many cranes you need
When or how long you need the cranes

Doing so allows you to shortlist companies who have available equipment with the right load capacity.

Inspect their machines before signing a contract, and request maintenance records to ensure that the company’s fleet is frequently inspected and well-maintained. These essential steps can help you avert accidents, equipment losses, and extensive property damages due to poorly maintained cranes.

Review the crane rental company’s insurance coverage too. See if these include their workers, general liability and riggers’ liability, and other coverages essential to your project.

How to Ensure Safety During Lift Operations

Moving heavy loads is a challenging mission, but with the right plan and competent personnel, you can minimize the possibility of slipping loads or accidentally overloading cranes.

Have a plan.

A lift plan sets you up for a safe and efficient project and is even more critical when you’re working with multiple cranes or handling expensive loads.

During the planning stage, factor in the radius, crane capacity, load weight, height, and path, and rigging components. Prepare rigging sketches and identify danger zones near the lift site, such as power lines and obstructions.

Check all equipment.

Before any lift operation, have the cranes, hoisting systems, booms, controls, and other components checked for cracks or signs of damage. If the lift team spots defects, do not attempt to use the crane until the equipment or attachments are repaired or replaced.

Hire qualified and competent personnel.

Your operators must be trained and certified for the right crane type and capacity. They must also be familiar with safety guidelines and confirm that weight loads remain well within the equipment’s limits.

Depending on your project’s needs, heavy equipment crane rentals in Michigan may also have qualified signal persons to join the lift team. These key personnel must know how to use standard hand and voice signals to inform crane operators when to stop, hoist, raise the boom, or swing in a specific direction.

When you need heavy equipment crane rentals in Michigan, trust a company that maintains high standards of safety and customer service. With B&M Crane Rental, you get access to a team of crane experts and problem solvers who will make sure your expensive materials are undamaged and lift operations are executed successfully.

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