How Expensive is it to Hire a Crane Rental Company in Michigan?

Having the right crane on a worksite is a crucial part of getting a job done right. However, buying a crane yourself is often expensive, which leaves you with the more cost-effective option of renting one. 

How Expensive Is It To Hire A Crane Rental Company in Michigan

To give you a good idea of the cost of working with a hire crane rental company in Michigan, here are some of the factors that will affect prices:


The Rental Company

Some crane rental companies offer more competitive prices than others. At B&M Crane Rental, we keep our prices budget-friendly and transparent by avoiding hidden fees and tailoring our rental services to meet each customer’s unique needs. 

Even though our prices are competitive, all our cranes are top-notch and in optimal condition, making us the ideal choice for a hire crane rental company in Michigan.


Type and Size of Crane

Each crane type has unique features that make it suitable for specific projects. For instance, a boom truck crane is cheaper to rent, but it can’t lift as much weight as an all-terrain crane, or operate on rugged terrains.

Simply put, the larger a crane’s size and lift capacity, the higher its rental price.


Rental Period

Same as with every other rental, the longer you hire a crane rental company in Michigan, the higher the cost will be. Instead of hiring a crane for the entire duration of a project, you can minimize expenses by hiring it just for the days you need it. 

But note that transporting and assembling a crane comes with its own costs, which we’ll discuss next.


Transport and Assembly

Are you hiring a tower crane or other large machine that needs to move from Point A to B on a truck bed? If so, your hire crane rental company in Michigan may charge you a fee for transporting, assembling, and disassembling the crane.

In certain circumstances, some rental companies may waive this fee. Others will charge based on fuel and labor costs and other factors.


Operator Cost

People who already have a licensed operator for a rental crane don’t need to worry about this cost. If you don’t have a licensed operator, you’ll need the rental company to provide you with one, which may cost extra.

Other factors that might add to the cost of using a hire crane rental company in Michigan are the cost of insurance, getting permits, hiring a flagger for site safety, and so on.


Average Prices to Hire a Crane in Michigan

Knowing the cost of hiring a crane before visiting a hire crane rental company in Michigan puts you in a better position to negotiate. Below are the average rental prices for specific cranes in Michigan:

  • Boom Truck Crane with a 60-ton capacity hydraulic boom – $215/hour 
  • Boom Truck Crane with a 110-ton capacity hydraulic boom – $345/hour
  • Rough Terrain Crane with a 55-ton hydraulic boom – $6,500/month
  • Telehandler with a 2 to 5-ton hydraulic boom – $125/hour 
  • Crawler Crane-Lattice Boom with 150-ton weight capacity – $16,000/month

Note that the above monthly rates don’t include operator, fuel, insurance, or cartage costs.

To hire a crane in Michigan at a competitive price, contact B&M Crane Rental today.


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