Crane Rental in Lansing, Michigan

There are some projects or tasks that will require the use of a crane. Few businesses here in Michigan are fortunate enough to have the luxury of owning a crane of their own. For most other businesses, renting one is often the best option. Fortunately, if you require crane rental in Lansing, MI, you can turn to the reliable services of B&M Crane Rental.

When a Crane Can Be Useful

Whether for commercial, residential, public, or private use, various companies and businesses can use cranes in multiple areas. Here are some examples of when a crane can help you accomplish tasks efficiently and safely.

Sign Installation

One of the best ways to get your business noticed by Michigan residents is by putting up signs around heavily trafficked areas. The challenge with that, however, comes in the installing of the sign. Fortunately, by using a crane, you can hang your sign in no time.

Tree or Stump Removal

Many property owners know how demanding taking care of their landscaping can be. One aspect of that includes maintaining the state of the trees on their property. There comes a time, however, when property owners need to remove a tree or stump. Depending on how deep the tree’s roots are, it could be too challenging to do by hand and require a crane.

HVAC Installation

Trying to install or remove an HVAC system manually can not only be time-consuming but dangerous as well. Alternatively, using a crane can allow you to complete the task much more efficiently.

There are many more scenarios that a crane can enable you to handle much better.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Crane Rental in Lansing, MI

Though renting a crane is much more convenient than buying one, several costs are involved in the process. These costs often vary depending on several different factors, such as those listed below.

The Company You Work With

Different crane rental companies will have different prices. Ideally, you want to pick a company whose rates are manageable. For instance, at B&M Crane Rental, we ensure that our prices are pocket-friendly and have no hidden fees.

The Type and Size of the Crane

Cranes come in different shapes and sizes, with each type having specific features that make it suitable for individual projects. The bigger the crane is and the higher its lift capacity, the more costly it will be. Cranes needed for shorter, smaller jobs will be more cost-effective. Either way, it’s essential to select the best type and size of crane for your project.

Rental Period

The longer you rent the crane, the more you will have to pay. Alternatively, you could choose to rent the crane only for the days you need it, instead of renting it for the project’s whole duration. This option could help you lower your expenses.

Transport and Assembly

If the crane you are renting will need to be moved from one point to another, moving it could cost you a bit more. These charges cater to the disassembling, transportation, and assembly of the crane and are often based on labor and fuel factors.

Operator Costs

If you have a licensed operator who can control the crane you intend to rent, you do not need to worry about this additional cost. If, however, you will need the rental company to provide you with a licensed operator also, then you might have to pay extra.

Additional factors contributing to crane rental costs here in Michigan are permits and insurance, among others.

The Advantages of Renting a Crane

Despite these several rental costs, there are many advantages that you can enjoy when you rent a crane from B&M Crane Rental.


Purchasing your own crane can quickly become expensive. In most cases, the price of cranes often ranges between $15,000 and $500,000. On top of that, you will still need to pay for other things like insurance, storage, maintenance, repairs, and inspections. Also, because all these expenses are crucial in your crane’s longevity and efficiency, they are unavoidable.

With all this in mind, it is easy to see how cost-effective renting a crane is. For starters, the crane belongs to the rental company, meaning its condition, inspection, maintenance, and repairs are not your burden to carry.

Plus, you are guaranteed a crane in the best possible working condition. Should a malfunction happen, the rental company will allow you to swap the faulty crane and get a new one, limiting any project delays.

Access to Multiple Crane Options

Each crane is designed for particular functions. Buying a crane essentially forces you to commit to one type of work, which significantly limits the number of functions you can carry out. Additionally, attempting to use your crane in an environment or for a role that it is not meant for can result in grave consequences.

With crane rental in Lansing, MI, you are only limited by the available selection of the rental company with which you choose to work.

AT B&M Crane Rental, we have different types of cranes that are all at your disposal. You can even rent multiple cranes for the same project, depending on the work you want the crane to perform.

Licensed and Trusted Crane Operators

It is essential to only work with crane operators who are licensed and have the experience and skill needed to operate the crane.

When renting a crane, the rental company will typically provide you with a trusted and licensed professional. This option can be a significant advantage because the operator will be thoroughly familiar with the crane’s operation and possible limitations. The operator will completely understand the crane’s capacities, knowing what to do to ensure it performs safely and at optimal efficiency.

Expert Advice

AT B&M Crane Rental, we have a wealth of knowledge that our team is fully dedicated to sharing with you. We can help guide you, giving you advice on matters such as the right crane type to rent, developing and executing a lift plan, safety precautions, and more.

We are ready to work with you, providing you with great advice to ensure your project has everything it needs to succeed.

Cranes Fitted With the Latest Technology

Technological advances are currently being made at impressive speeds. What is cutting-edge today can quickly become old news tomorrow. Purchasing a crane will have you using the same level of technology for years to come. This limitation can create significant inefficiencies in how you complete your future projects.

On the other hand, most rental companies have the means to purchase new equipment regularly, and you will always have access to equipment that implements the latest technology the field has to offer. The powerful machines you have access to will undoubtedly help you improve and maintain a project’s efficiency.

Let Us Satisfy Your Heavy Lifting Needs

At B&M Crane Rental, we have all the equipment you need. No matter the project’s scope, our customer service, stellar reputation, extensive knowledge, and attention to detail ensure we execute every task with the highest possible standards. We service various fields, including commercial constructions, residential development, infrastructure, and sports arenas.

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