Why All-Terrain Cranes are the Go-To Option for Most Rentals

In recent years, all-terrain crane rentals are becoming ever more popular. All-terrain cranes are so versatile, they can be trusted to perform well on any terrain.

Why All-Terrain Cranes Are The Go-To Option For Most Rentals

Let’s look at some other reasons why the all-terrain crane is now the go-to option for many jobs.


All-terrain cranes provide great balance regardless of the worksite’s terrain. That means you and your coworkers can work safely without fear of the crane tipping over. Present-day all-terrain cranes also come with an array of computerized safety systems that stop operators from performing unsafe maneuvers.

When it comes to optimal visibility, the all-terrain crane again gets high scores and minimizes the risk of on-site accidents.


The all-terrain crane is so versatile, you can drive it on a highway without impeding traffic. It can do speeds of up to 55 mph and it’s just as easy to drive on the road as it is on a worksite.

Its crab steering and all-wheel-drive system also make it suitable for driving through rough off-road terrain. Be it on sand, gravel, mud, or asphalt, you can operate the crane with ease and avoid cartage expenses.

Weight and Lift Capacity

All-terrain cranes are available in various sizes with different lifting capacities. Some can lift as little as 90 tons, while others can lift 440-ton objects higher than 200 feet. For a crane that can handle your project’s weights and heights, contact B&M Crane Rental to discuss your all-terrain crane rental options.


It’s harder to move large equipment around a worksite. Also, city regulations have limits on what type of cranes can enter the city and ply city roads. By choosing the right all-terrain crane rental, you can avoid such issues.

There are compact options that offer optimal mobility and maneuverability. Having flexibility in size also allows you to circumvent some city regulations that limit the use of cranes.


Modern all-terrain cranes are much simpler to use. You still need training and proper licensing to operate one, but learning the controls has never been easier.

All-terrain crane rentals are also efficient because they are ready to use as soon as they arrive on site. The booms come integrated, meaning there’s no need for assembly or disassembly that might complicate the costs or timeframe of your project. 


Unlike other cranes that are suitable for only specific terrains or projects, the all-terrain crane is a jack-of-all-trades that’s an asset on any job site. You can easily configure it to lift, haul, reach, or perform any other task your project might need. Plus, its operating system is so user-friendly, you can make adjustments on the fly. 


Just as important, all-terrain cranes are built tough and can last for years with proper maintenance. Also, aside from being able to navigate various rough terrain, the crane can perform in all types of weather conditions. That means you can keep working regardless of how wet or muddy it gets. That said, we don’t recommend using the lift during high winds.

For all-terrain crane rental in Michigan, contact B&M Crane Rental today.


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